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H&S Environmental is committed to helping you get better performance from the wastewater lagoons you're already using.

Our Business Philosophy

     Our goal is to provide wastewater lagoon operators with practical, easy to use and cost effective tools to solve their toughest wastewater lagoon challenges. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoy providing them for you.

      What is very clear, is that relative to activated sludge, few training courses and little training material are available on the subject of wastewater lagoon system optimization and troubleshooting.  This is especially true for those operating lagoons in rural communities. 


     Most of the wastewater lagoon operators we meet, tell us there are few lagoon training courses available, and they have difficulty finding wastewater lagoon information when they need it.  Many express concerns about their lagoons keeping pace with ever more demanding regulations.  In some areas there is a great deal of pressure to do away with wastewater lagoons, and replace them with activated sludge plants.


     H&S Environmental is commited to the belief that wastewater lagoons are capable of producing high quality effluents...effluents that will consistently meet tougher new permit limits.  Some of the chief problems with wastewater lagoons are operational, but many lagoon problems are the result of design deficiencies that can be fixed.


     If you're like most of us who work with wastewater lagoons every day, you'd like see more information available on how to optimize lagoon system performance without spending lots of money.


     Because of the real need for this kind of information, we began writing down what we discovered in the field and through our research of what really works in wastewater lagoon systems.  The result of this effort is a workshop and book devoted exclusively to getting the most out of wastewater lagoon systems.


     Our books and workshops will show you how to take greater control over your wastewater lagoon system to get the best water quality possible out of the lagoon system you already have.


Packed with the most complete information on wastewater lagoon optimization and troubleshooting you'll find anywhere.


  • Do you want quick, clear, step by step approaches to solving TSS and BOD problems? 
  • Do you want options for controlling algae and suspended solids problems? 
  • Are you looking for control options available for nitrogen and phosphorous removal?
  • Sludge removal?
  • Odor Control?


     Wastewater Lagoon Troubleshooting gives you the answers

 you're looking for.


In this workshop and troubleshooting guide you'll discover:

  • How to remove the greatest deterrent to your pond's treatment performance
  • The keys to getting greater control over your lagoon system to remove more BOD, more TSS, and more sludge
  • 11 possible causes of high BOD and their 50 possible solutions
  • How to troubleshoot nitrogen removal problems.
  • How to get 12 inches of sludge reduction without draining or dredging your wastewater lagoon
  • And much more


     Put this amazing resource to work for you today.  Just fill out the order form below and return it to us with your check or money order to H&S Environmental, and we'll send out a copy or our new book or register you in one of our workshops.




Steven M. Harris


H&S Environmental, L.L.C.







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