Solutions for Wastewater Lagoon Optimization and Troubleshooting
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Book Table of Contents
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Wastewater Lagoon Troubleshooting
An Operators Guide to Solving Problems and Optimizing Wastewater Lagoon Systems



Chapter 1   Wastewater Lagoon Microbiology

*         Get greater control over your wastewater lagoon system by discovering how and why lagoons work to lower  BOD, reduce TSS, control odors, kill pathogens, and cycle nutrients

*         Discover the variables that affect your wastewater pond's performance and how to use them to maximize your lagoon's efficiency

*         Why the upper 12 inches of your pond's surface may be the most important part of  your wastewater pond

*         Discover how water quality changes with changing depth and location throughout your wastewater pond

*         Types of wastewater lagoon microbes and their different roles and functions


Chapter 2   Diagnosing Wastewater Lagoon Problems

*         The ten things you must know to effectively solve problems in your wastewater lagoon system

*         Testing protocols you can use to diagnose problems in your wastwater ponds

*         How to use your test results to troubleshoot problems in your wastewater lagoons

*         What to test for, when to test, how to test, and why

*         How one simple modification to the BOD5 test can cut your BOD5 results in half

*         A simple ratio that will reveal the source of your TSS and BOD problems

*         Discover what a more thorough TSS analysis will reveal about your ponds

Chapter 3   Diagnosing and Troubleshooting BOD5 problems

*         Follow these 6 simple steps to discover the cause of BOD5 problems

*         How to counter the effects of spring thaw and wastewater pond turnover

*         The number one cause of BOD5 problems and how to eliminate it

*         Determine if your wastewater pond can effectively handle additional connections, septage, or industrial waste

*         11 possible causes of BOD5 problems and their 50 possible solutions


Chapter 4   TSS Control

*         The 6 beneficial effects of algae and how it can help you solve problems in your wastewater lagoon system

*         9 in-pond management strategies you can use to control algae

*         What to look for when solving TSS problems

*         The 7 possible causes of TSS problems and the 44 specific techniques you can use to reduce it

*         A systematic method for troubleshooting TSS problems in your wastewater lagoons


Chapter 5   Sludge Accumulation and Removal

*         Ten signs indicating it may be time to remove sludge from your lagoon system

*         15 things that affect the rate of sludge accumulation and how to accelerate its removal

*         How to determine the sludge volume and mass in your wastewater lagoon

*         14 things to consider when draining your lagoon to remove sludge

*         How to reduce 12 inches of sludge in your lagoon without draining or dredging


Chapter 6   Troubleshooting Nitrogen and Phosphorous Removal

*         Your wastewater pond's 6 nitrogen removal pathways

*         11 key factors that determine the rate of nitrogen removal in your wastewater pond

*         How to troubleshoot nitrogen removal problems

*         21 techniques to accelerate nitrogen removal from your wastewater lagoon

*         Control strategies for phosphorous removal


Chapter 7   Pond Hydraulics

*         Discover the greatest deterrent to your pond's performance and how to overcome it.

*         How to tell if you have a short-circuiting problem

*         6 things that interfere with your wastewater pond's retention time

*         Learn about the best possible positioning for baffles in your system.

*         The latest discoveries in optimizing your wastewater pond's hydraulic performance


Chapter 8   Aeration and Dissolved Oxygen

*         What causes low dissolved oxygen in your system and how to increase it naturally, chemically, and mechanically

*         How to tell if your wastewater pond is getting enough oxygen

*         Discover a more accurate and useful method to measure for dissolved oxygen

*         7 signs indicating oxygen stressed conditions

*         Solutions to solving low dissolved oxygen problems in your lagoon system


Chapter 9   Pathogen Control

*         The 30 factors affecting bacteria, virus, and parasite die-off rates

*         7 things you can do to maximize your ponds ability to naturally disinfect


Chapter 10   Maintenance

*         What EPA inspectors look for when inspecting a wastewater lagoon system

*         Dike maintenance, rip-rap, and weed control

*         Record keeping for wastewater lagoons


Chapter 11   Troubleshooting Industrial Lagoons

*         The 8 key differences between lagoons treating industrial and domestic wastewater

*         The critical importance of nutrients and alkalinity in industrial wastewater lagoons

*         Optimizing Primary clarifier performance for BOD and TSS control


Chapter 12   Cold Weather Operations

*         The 10 critical effects temperature has on your wastewater lagoon system

*         How temperature effects lagoon mixing and why this is important to you

*         Specific recommendations and modifications for winter time operations

*         Nitrification in cold weather


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