Solutions for Wastewater Lagoon Optimization and Troubleshooting
Wastewater Lagoon System Performance Evaluations
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Wastewater Lagoon System Performance Evaluations
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Products and services designed to optimize your wastewater lagoon system

     In the future H&S Environmental will be adding new products and services to help you optimize your wastewater pond's performance. 
     Here is a listing of future products and services H&S Environmental will be providing.


  • CFD Modeling for optimum aerator and baffle placement
  • Data review for problem solving and optimization 
  • Site evaluation
  • Sludge depth profiling
  • Testing: ammonia, BOD, pH, D.O., core sampling, microscans
  • Tracer Studies for short circuiting analysis
  • Seepage studies
  • Pretreatment, loading, and flow analysis 
  • Grant writing

Products for Improved Wastewater Lagoon Performance:

  • Baffles
  • Fixed films systems for ammonia removal
  • Algecides



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