About Us

About Us

H&S Environmental is committed to the belief that wastewater lagoons are capable of producing high-quality effluent...effluents that will consistently meet tougher new permit limits. Some of the chief problems with wastewater lagoons are operational, but most lagoon problems are the result of design deficiencies that can be fixed.

H&S Environmental is committed to helping you get better performance from the wastewater lagoon system you're already using. Our goal is to provide wastewater lagoon operators with practical, easy to use and cost-effective tools to solve their toughest wastewater lagoon challenges.

H&S Environmental, LLC works with wastewater operators across the United States and in many different parts of the world to identify and troubleshoot wastewater lagoon problems, optimize lagoon performance, and assist wastewater lagoon systems in removing sludge.

H&S provides C.E.U. training for operators in California, Missouri, Illinois, Idaho, Texas, Alaska, New Mexico, Indiana, Arizona, Washington, Kansas, Maine, North Dakota, Wyoming, Michigan, and many operator associations and private industries across the country. H&S Environmental, LLC has compiled years of the best operational experience and problem-solving techniques into a book titled: Wastewater Lagoon Troubleshooting, an Operator’s Guide to Solving Problems and Optimizing Wastewater Lagoon Systems. (Available through USA BlueBook).

H&S is a frequent contributor of articles to wastewater trade publications and trains wastewater operators across the country in aerobic digester optimization as well as wastewater lagoon optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting. H&S’s articles have appeared in Industrial Water World, Environmental Science and Engineering, Water and Wastewater Products, and Water Engineering Management, and Illinois Currents by the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators and the Missouri Rural Water Association’s; Water Lines to name just a few.

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